How to optimize labor costs in the business?

Optimization of expenses on the maintenance staff is important not only during the crisis. In this regard, it is important to distinguish binary options review between the concept of optimization and savings. In the first case it is about proper organization of personnel work (payroll system, taking into account working hours, staffing and so on). The second involves a simple reduction of costs, for example, reducing the number of staff or cutting wages.

The first way - the most difficult but also the most justified. Streamlined personnel mechanism will certainly bring you dividends in the future.

Experts recommend to optimize the entire workflow in several ways.

First, try to reduce household expenses. Thus it is possible to save up to 30% spent means. Among the activities in this direction can be, for example, name the organization of mobile workplaces, introduction of shift work schedules, control of employee access to the Internet and the use of long-distance telephone service. The main thing, and teach employees to save consciously.

Second, increase the motivational part of the salary and reduce the accountant. This measure will help to save up to 30% of the total salary fund.

Third, review the approach to staff recruitment. "Less is more" - this principle when receiving new specialists to work can save you a further 20%. In fact, many companies prefer to hire students for internships and raise are worthy of experts according to their own standards.

Fourth, optimize the structure of personnel. There are two ways. First - it is an internal reorganization of the state. It is important to analyze the who, how many and which functions are carried out. And, of course, the appropriateness of the work employee. This may also include the combination of several functions by one person with the appropriate surcharge. For example, a manager in the presence of legal education can perform the functions of the personnel. Another option - is to translate a number of business process outsourcing.

The latter point will be discussed later in more detail.

How do I optimize staff costs through outsourcing

Surrender of the business process outsourcing partner - is a good solution for the optimization of personnel costs. In terms of outsourcing, you can not organize a one-way operation of your business, but several. For example, logistics, advertising, part of the production, bookkeeping and personnel.

Sometimes a competent bookkeeping is not enough. Difficult economic conditions require the rapid adoption of important management decisions. And to implement them properly without the participation of relevant experts almost impossible. But to employ the staff qualified financial analyst, or tax advisor - not a cheap pleasure. In this case, you will also come to the aid of specialists consulting company.

In addition, often the service contract consulting company assumes the absence of some financial risks. We are talking about fines, which impose on the company supervisory bodies for improper filing of tax information. In the event that the professional responsibility of the outsourcing company employees insured, responsible for all the failures due to the fault of artist it is and goes. Thus you will be protected from penalties.