Business recruitment: outstaffing company


Reducing costs in doing business today - an important and difficult process. Modern techniques involve savings where, apparently, it is impossible by definition. One such area is the savings on staff, which is taken over from a third party company for a certain time, but not issued in the state. This practice is called outstaffing (outstaffing) - external staff", "out of state" and involves work in the company of people executed in the other, which is the provider - autstafferom.

Outstaffing activities close to the employment agency. But if the latter is only looking for people willing to work, and then reduces the potential employees with a potential employer, the autstaffer acts somewhat differently and smarter.

There are three areas that can be practiced in this area. This outsourcing of personnel, leasing personnel and proper outstaffing. At first glance, the difference between these activities no, but there are subtleties in each of them. To some extent we can say that they differ radically, having a general idea - to provide staff.

Outsourcing is a regular service to learn from business processes to another company, the tasks are accepted only in the work, which are connected directly to the provision of personnel on the ground is firm limits. A good example - the sphere of trade, where sales personnel work on papers in the outsourcer, but does the work of many companies in the same outlet. For example, a sales representative can make deals with a variety of shops, representing the interests of many companies that do not compete with each other. Here, the savings achieved due to the fact that one person performs the same type of work, but in large volumes. If each of the firms hired by your sales representative, he would, having unreasonably high wages, would serve very little amount of work. The same applies to the merchandiser, delivery drivers and supervisors - they all can work simultaneously on several companies, each of them performing the same type of work.

Somewhat different is the case with leasing staff. This term generally can not be considered correct (and it's not even in the ethical component) - a person under the legislation can not be subjects of the lease. However, staff leasing - this is the practice, when the company takes provider employees for seasonal, temporary or unforeseen works. At the same time employees tend to either live by accidentally fall to "orders", or working in the parent company at his office, and to third-party companies are working when the main employer can afford a temporary absence of an employee. There are, however, and those companies that provide staff leasing as its main activity, having a staff of experts who work for many companies, if necessary. A distinctive feature of the leasing of outsourcing and out staffing - limited in time or occurs frequently, but not a permanent contract of employment of staff.

Finally, directly outstaffing - a staff maintenance and management of the relevant legal, accounting, personnel and other issues, with the workers themselves actually employed on a permanent basis in the company-borrower staff. This practice is used frequently in the event that the latter contain documents of employees for any reason, it is unprofitable. This is primarily due to the possibility of working on a simplified taxation system, because when the content of the state of more than 100 people to use this system becomes impossible (for trade and limit the scope of the service even more stringent).

The company-borrower staff continues to work without the abolition of the simplified taxation system, shifting some of their employees in the State of a third party. She, in turn, also takes care of all the burden of personnel service content, and the cost of maintenance staff. The company and the consumer gets rid of the responsibility in case of any questions from the labor inspectorate or the migration service. It turns out outstaffing - legal solutions to get rid of many "inconvenient" for the company's issues.

Of course, sane entrepreneur when registering companies autstaffera not reported to tax real activity, which it will do. Typically, these companies are recorded as a recruiting agency. Outstaffing concept in the Russian legislation does not occur, but are within the definition of contingent labor. Since 2016 contingent labor in the Russian Federation is prohibited, which greatly complicates the process of doing autstafferam Affairs. If you now have to masquerade as a recruitment agency in the future will certainly be more checks and difficulties in the design, but these services are still very much in demand, and the support of a competent lawyer would allow legally engage in such activities - the main thing all right to teach people from the regulatory authorities. Therefore, in the beginning you need to have a very competent lawyer who knows the law and all of his "white spots".

But still we have to avoid problems in a year autstafferam companies to rethink their operating principles, and to retrain in a company with a slightly different pattern of activity. The easiest way to become a regular outsourcer that is willing to carry out maintenance of the business processes of companies of different directions Professionals hands.

Anyway, at the disposal of business there for a year, during which you can fully explore all the features of this activity by starting to do something similar, but still legitimate to January 1, 2016. The prospects in this direction sufficiently serious to start outstaffing regarded as a kind of their employment even if the upcoming restrictions.

So, to open his own company, which provides staff to other companies, you need to be logged in to seek premises. It may be small, but in order to maintain the image of the company is best positioned in the business district of the city. Future partner will still habitually apply to an organization which is located in the center, rather than somewhere on the outskirts. As a kind of a recruitment agency, can be removed from the premises of 30 m2, paying for it 30 thousand rubles a month. This space will be the workplace for staff, which leads all the work of the organization. office equipment also does not require a significant investment will be needed furniture and simple office supplies. Along with the ability to repair all this will cost no more than 100 thousand rubles. When this important issue has been resolved, you can begin to search for the right people.

This activity is optimal, if the entrepreneur is an experienced specialist in the field of bookkeeping, tax consulting, legal or personnel management. Even better, if all these responsibilities can be divided between the companions, which together open up this thing, because it is much safer to have a reliable team than to recruit people from the street. Yet the most important and determining factor when taking on these positions - high level of professionalism.

Tax consultant. I must know everything related to taxation, regardless to what form of business it is applied - from peasant farming to not applicable de facto additional liability. It is he who will decide all issues related to taxation once autstaffera firms and firms partners, for which it will be just a consultant. It will help not only to conduct lawful activities, but also to select the optimal scheme of taxation - to reduce costs.

Accountant. Working with a variety of companies, with people of different professions and the large volumes of reporting - all this must be done efficiently, any mistake can be very costly. Here it is a question rather than even one accountant, and a whole team of experts-accountants. It is best to find an outsourcer that will perform the maintenance of financial statements, but it has to be proven partner.

Lawyer. Lifebuoy for the entire organization, because it will have to work with people of different troops, and here especially important not just to know the letter of the law is good and perfect. All disputes and claims on the part of regulatory agencies should be resolved in his favor, and to find an error or violation of it is very simple. Without the support of a competent expert in the law can not do in outstaffing.

Human Resources Manager. People also need to select very carefully, because the planned on letting human resources should not only meet the requirements of the customer, but also to be loyal to both companies, among which is a contract out staffing. For a person working in one company and transfer of the staff in the other is more disadvantages than advantages compared to the conventional employment (reduced of security and guarantee the rights and security benefits).

At its core, this is the entire staff working directly for the company-autstaffera employees. In the future, they certainly need helpers, but at first, you can cope on their own. The work is not so much in the first few months, although it is unknown how lucky customer - sometimes a need for such a service can be very large. Some percentage of the companies and did not think about this possibility, and to offer it to them - then get the customer, who will be happy to solve many of their problems, their solution passing into the wrong hands.

This type of activity requires the active involvement of the founders, who acted as a director and as workers and as sales managers of their own services. First you need to evaluate the potential customers to check all firms and to start negotiations with all prospective organizations. Individual entrepreneurs are unlikely partners, a positive response will come mainly from developing and are on the rise of firms, although one can not exclude those who need to reduce their costs simply just due to high losses in the personnel area. When the shortage of competent consumers should not be, because outstaffing - a savings from which will not give any businessman.

In the process, it becomes clear what the position is better not to offer through outstaffing (because it can increase staff turnover and the general dissatisfaction of employees), and which, on the contrary, is very suitable for this purpose. Difficulties may arise, for example, "white collar", because the office staff are best given to work precisely in the case of registration in the direct employer.

But in the case of immigrants it turns out that the client company is happy - it is not necessary to resolve legal issues with the Migration Service; and the employee - the main thing for him is to work regardless of the labor legislation of a foreign country; autstaffer itself - it's money for him. To work with only one company can not be, because the tax authorities are probably interested in it and can recognize autstaffera and affiliated companies of the customer, which means that incriminate and fictitious transactions both entities. Quite different is the case if the cooperation has been established with a variety of firms - already here autstaffer legitimate organization that helps others in dealing with personnel issues.

The scheme of work outstaffing company is extremely simple. It is referred to (or is autstaffer) company - the borrower future staff. Here there are two options - either the customer is looking for staff, or wants to transfer its employees to the state provider. In further work is not strongly affected, autstaffer takes over the work of employees, prepares employment contracts, which outlines the conditions defined by the customer is, and transmits the personal affairs of each of the employees to the customer.

People go to work to the direct employer and autstaffer assumes the responsibilities of personnel administration, payroll and bonuses, dialogue with trade unions, tax returns and financial statements, and everything else. The provider does all the work, and at the end of the month reporting results to the customer and account, where in addition to social security contributions and the amount prescribed for direct services.

Payment is made in most cases, depending on the salary of each individual employee or a total payroll. The percentage is set in the range of five percent, but it may be less a determining factor - the complexity of doing administration. So with guests from other countries much more bureaucratic complications, and rate them more, but that's the case with the widespread post on non-hazardous industries, it will not be as large.

In addition to addressing important legal issues and to ensure the legality of their activities should not forget about their reputation and to the partners. Beginners will be difficult to gain the trust, for the first time to autstafferu will address precisely those companies that have the personnel issue has become a serious problem. In the future, having a good name, you can expect that the rest of the organization will begin to think seriously about the treatment to the provider.

If the firm run by and all the main positions occupied by companions, the salary to their employees can go only in the event of your accounting department or hired helpers. If you do the job on their own, it is possible to divide the profits among the founders.

Profitability is growing every employee transferred to the customer, generally have less than 100 people are absolutely not appropriate, and we can expect a serious profit organizations in the transmission of several hundred people (not one, of course, but different).

Large companies have outstaffing in his state more than a thousand employees, who are working in client organizations. So, if we take the average wage of the employee 20 thousand, then a hundred people for income autstaffera (for calculation of 3% of each salary) is 60 thousand usd. With five hundred people, this figure will reach already three hundred thousand. It is essential costs, even with the progressive increase in the state do not increase, and the increase in the volume of reporting is easily transmitted to one or two additional people. But in this enterprise will not be able to take advantage of the simplified system of taxation, and have to give 20% of their income according to the tax rate on the profit of the organization.